ABOUT US – One of The Best Hotel in Tulamben

BATU BELAH Bungalow & Restaurant – One of the best hotel in Tulamben

Batu Belah Bungalow and Restaurant is located on one of the most beautiful location in Bali between Amed and Tulamben (East Bali). The complex is built on the edge of the ocean, terraced up a natural slope giving the most amazing ocean and coastal view from restaurant, swimming pool, and bungalows.

The rocky area around the complex is full of fascinating sea-life. There are several small secluded beaches where guests can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, or walking around.

BATU BELAH Bungalow & Restaurant is a family run small business. It has 5 bungalows which include 1 family bungalow with single and double bed room. The owners have two cheerful and friendly small children so that guests with children will also find it wonderful. Also, the swimming pool has a children’s area with a slide. The owners are of the Buddhist faith – they enjoy seeing the guests relax.

The location, the natural features surrounding, the food, the activities offered as well as the friendly staff persons have made Batu Belah one of the best hotel in Tulamben.

Since it is located between Amed and Tulamben, Batu Belah is also worth to stay when you need a nice hotel in Amed.

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